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Inanimate bird ready for takeoff

Objects sometimes look more alive than people. They seem having their own feelings and dreams as this children’s toy that seem so eager to take off to join birds and fly with them in the sky. Unfortunately for him he’s stuck on the [...]

Limited offer May only

Limited offer May only

Meet me in Paris in June

Paris Salon art shopping 2015 at Carrousel du Louvre

Editors choice

  • Girl begging for money in Bangkok
    Photography, one word to describe an art but an infinite number of photographers When I decided to become a full time photographer in late 2013, the first question I asked myself was “what’s being a photographer?“. Then, I decided to look around and I saw it exists many different kind of photographers and photographies. [...]

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News in pictures

  • Lions
  • Twin sisters posing at an improvised shooting
  • An usual laundry day in a Sotho village
  • View of the roof of an old and still used mosque in islamic area of Cairo
  • Cars and moto swarn in the streets of Bangkok at Traffic jam time
  • Quiet evening before night
  • Photogrpahy of the shadows of turtledoves eating birdseed on the terrace
  • Flamingo reflections in Camargue
  • Sweetheart
  • St Germain en Laye
  • The beautiful island of Mont Saint Michel
  • Frozen river
  • Urban girls coming back in their village for holidays
  • There are a lot of motorcycles in Bangkok, many of them used as taxis. They also have their dedicated washing stations
  • And suddenly the rain came...
  • Children crossing the main road in Pontseng
  • Ifrane
  • Little cat stunned by the heat and having rest in Meknes, Morocco
  • View of Drakensberg plateau when the storm is coming
  • Horse pyramids
  • Eat me
  • Would you get cash at this ATM? I didn't...
  • A journey in the pyrenées mountains on snowing days
  • Gardian riding his white Camarguais horse!
  • Landscape photograph of the countryside at the top of the mountains of Lesotho
  • There is something alive in this still life picture! Wonder if you find it!

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