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Cattle work in Camargue

The french cowboys are the best! I remember this beautiful May 2014 when I spent several days in Camargue among the French cowboys doing cattle work. Those days were very hot and sunny, numerous mosquito all around trying to get some of my blood. [...]

Art for sale – Limited May offer

Limited offer May only

Meet me in Paris in June

Paris Salon art shopping 2015 at Carrousel du Louvre

Editors choice

  • Egyptians are proud to remind that at all times the country has been ruled by authoritarian and strong men in the service of the people. This is now pinning its hopes on the General Al Sissi who we can see on the picture at the back of this shop. Will he put the country back on the right path? Here, everyone wants to believe it!
    Winter is particularly tough this year in Cairo For the first time in over 120 years the snow has arrived at the gates of the Egyptian capital, and in the morning of 13 December, I scan desperately pyramids from the 36th floor of the building of the National TV located in the center of Cairo along the Nile. But the long-awaited miracle will not [...]

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  • Gardian riding his white Camarguais horse!
  • Hiking in Ariege, french pyrenees mountains
  • St Germain en Laye
  • The beautiful island of Mont Saint Michel
  • Leisure time on the lawns of St Germain en Laye park
  • Afghan mountains
  • Architecture design in La Grande Motte
  • Mixed coffee and thea in the streets of Cairo
  • Filled with wisdom
  • Vents of pneumatic generator
  • Graffiti in the street of new town in Johannesburg
  • Sometime even the police cars have to take a break
  • Frozen river
  • Flamingo reflections in Camargue
  • Mining bicycles
  • Night view of grand canal in Venice from Rialto bridge
  • Aguelmous view
  • Saint guilhem le desert abbey
  • There is something alive in this still life picture! Wonder if you find it!
  • Pick and pay cashiers
  • Mining museum of Carbonia
  • Street photography in Egyptian streets!
  • Photogrpahy of the shadows of turtledoves eating birdseed on the terrace
  • Salt evaporation pond in Camargue, France, nearby Salin de Giraud
  • View of the Vieux port of Marseille with a mirror standing over the passage
  • Tenebres artworks taken in St Germain en Lays, France

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