• Blue Mosque - Honorable mention Greek photographic circuit 2018 Cover

    My first award in 2018

    The 6th greek photographic circuit, one of the ten greatest Results of the 6th greek photographic circuit were released yesterday and I was lucky to learn that one of my picture won an GPU Honorable [...]
  • Distinguished picture at the N.E.W. BI-CONTINENTAL PHOTO CIRCUIT

    BI-CONTINENTAL PHOTO CIRCUIT – 28 new distinctions

    2 continents, 2 countries, one circuit! I’m thrilled today to receive 28 new distinctions with 15 pictures in another major photo competition, the N.E.W. BI-CONTINENTAL PHOTO CIRCUIT, that gathers 2 continents with 2 countries: UAE and [...]
  • 1 week travel in Liwa, Abu dhabi UAE

    Liwa, the Million dollar course

    A camel course in the desert I was last Christmas in UAE, invited by a very good friend of mine who lives there since more than 30 years! We spent an amazing Christmas there, mostly [...]
  • Amazing Heraklion

    Welcome to Creta!

    As you already know, I’m a member of the GPU, one of the 3 biggest photo organisation in the world with the FIAP and the PSA federations. GPU organizes a great photo festival every 2 years [...]
In the Spotlight today

DUNES – My new set of pictures

by Guilhem Ribart in News 0

Amazing trip in Namibia! As you may know, Namibia is a marvelous country located north-west of South Africa. This country is 1.5 size of France and is mainly a desertic country with the Namib desert  considered [...]



An instant photography during a Sotho women celebration

Magnum Photography Awards 2016

There is one thing really important in the life of a photographer: an external review and point of view of a portfolio. This is essential because it is a good help to provide advices and improve in the making of my photograph and their processing. […]