Mountain reflections

Most people wrongly think that there is only one mountain in France: the Alps.

But this is totally incorrect, there are Pyrenees too and I can easily say that this mountains are far more enjoyable than Alps.

Firstly because Alps are so boring… Let me explain… Alps mountains are very steep. That’s perfect for skiing or alpinism… But that’s all… You see the sun only 3 hours a day due to the steeps, and you can’t see beyond your own valley…

Perfect in winter, but useless for spring and summer free time…

Pyrenees is the perfect opposite… You’ve snow on winter, but skiing station are not so big as the Alps. But, the view is much better!

You can practice much more activities… every kind of ski, hiking, alpinism, hydrotherapy, cross cycling, paragliding, gliding, fishing and so more…

Hiking in the Pyrenees is wonderful! The nature is luxuriant, lakes are everywhere!

Just go to Pyrenees, you won’t never be disappointed and you’ll thank me!

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