Cairo smiles!

I mentioned during my live interview at Egyptian TV that I like how Moroccan people smile from the inside and from the outside. I also said that it was a great pleasure to me to take pictures of all these smiling people and that inspire me.

I need to confess that here in Cairo… that’s almost the same. It’s maybe even simplier to take pictures of childs here compare to Morocco, but it’s just a feeling. Probably I start to feel myself more confident.

Girls pride

I’m currently still in Cairo, visiting this great city. There is a lot of different districts and areas it’s difficult to see everything in such a short journey. But there have one common thread in all these areas, people and kids smile everytime!

Cairo smiles

I hope being able to visit a very poor area in the following days because I saw a lot of very beautiful thing when I went through this area yesterday. I hope staying 2 or 3 hours there and share the result with you soon.

Adolescents playing football in Cairo and posing
Adolescents playing football in Cairo and posing

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