Egyptian martyr

We often see this face bloodied on the walls of Cairo:

Martyr of the revolution
Martyr of the revolution

My friends Ahmed and Josef told me this young is a martyr and a hero of the Egyptian revolutions because he struggled both against Mubarak’s reign and then Morsi’s crazy regime.

He was killed by a sniper in Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes in 2012. He was 17 years old, his name was Jaber and Jika its nickname…

Remember his name, he did not die for nothing!

Quoted from Dailynewsegypt website, November 26, 2012

Gaber Salah, known as Jika, who was shot in the head was finally pronounced dead Sunday night after being hooked to life support for almost five days.

Clashes erupted between protesters and the police on the anniversary of last year street battles in Mohamed Mahmoud street, off Tahrir square, on Monday. Shot in the head, 17-year-old Salah was pronounced brain dead on Wednesday but his family kept him on life support, in hopes that he would recover.

Clashes in several governorates have turned more violent following the latest presidential decree, giving current President Mohamed Morsy more power.

Credits photos go to:

Arab Online Agency

El Balad website

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