More than a blog, my new Website is online!

I’m happy today to show the results of my last thoughts!

My former blog was using Tumblr as CMS (Content Management System). This tool was perfect to manage an easy-to-publish blog but was by too far limited to add static pages, most of the traffic wasn’t catch by the statistics tool and I had doubt about SEO.

Since more than 3 weeks I did benchmarks of the available blogging tools and I eventually choose to try the platform that seems much more powerful.

Sans artifice

I released this new version yesterday and I guess that now DNS are working well. I’m sorry if you had some concerns to reach my website but was due to the DNS propagation time on servers.

This release is by now limited with only the blog. I intend to put some new pages in the following days and the link to my online gallery that is still reachable here

Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about this new website. Do you like graphics? Is an easy to navigate through? Whatever you think, tell me, that’s useful to me!


    • Oh great! I use this tool since few to showcase more widely my blog. I’m happy that it really works!
      Thank you for joining, I hope you’ll still enjoy reading my blog 🙂

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