La Matança del porc

Every year in my small mountain village a big event related to the traditional work of slaughtering domestic pigs is organized and called Matança del porc in Catalan and that is a very old tradition.

That feast happens during vacations time to allow tourists to attend this feast that lasts 2 full days concluded by a big diner with more than 300 people!

All successive stages in the processing of animal parts but the slaughtering are shown during this feast but focus is on the preparation of the sausages. The bulk of the meat is cut and ground to produce various sausages, which are wrapped into the intestines of various sizes.

Then these sausages are boiled into big antic pots which produce a lot of vapor as you can see on the pictures.

Once all this work is performed over the 2 days, everything is eaten for a huge banquet accompanied with local produced alcohol, mainly wine and beer!


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