Samba, Carnival, brazil world cup preparation!

Actually… I’m kidding! This is not true!

This picture isn’t really from Copacabana beach but still from Morocco, Mohammedia more precisely and if you already followed my previous posts, from the huge souk that takes place there every sunday! As many people gather in such a souk, there are restaurants and shops of food everywhere and each shop with its own colors!

I don’t think their intention is to catch eye attention by using so many colors, but the result is very nice to see!

I’ve no idea what this guy is cooking but I promise the smell was very nice!! I wish I’ll be back there to taste and take some time with all these beautiful colors everywhere!

That smells good!
That smells good!

That said, I’m back in France this evening before the great departure for Bangkok (Thailand) to work with the Jungle Aid Foundation to create a calendar that will be sold to help to fund this charity that supports people living in remote locations in Thailand!

More to come, stay tuned!

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