Caliente! Does it never end?

Since last monday, the days pass, the heat increases! Weather was very hot yesterday as I was walking down the small streets of Chinatown here in Bangkok! Everyone try to stay in the shade but it’s not always possible.

But in that street, a kind of roof is protecting the passants. It was hot but without any sun. That’s was so fresh! And every 10 meter you see that kind of little shops selling some juices.

I suddenly saw this two kids with their mom waiting for their fresh juice. Loot at their eyes, look how amazing they seem to be! I really love this kind of scene! Don’t you?

A break in the streets of Chinatown in Bangkok
A break in the streets of Chinatown in Bangkok


  1. Yeah its very hot. I got red today. it rarely happened before. Ive been here since December. Like a Thai guy told me: We don’t have Winter, Spring, Summer here. we got: Hot, Hotter and Hottest.

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