High in the sky!

I’m back in France since last tuesday evening after 14h and 1 flight change in Paris. For once I decided to take some pictures from my airplane window. I used my little tiny Ricoh GR and its gorgous 28mm and I was surprised by the restitution of the roundness of the earth on all these pictures I didn’t expect at all.

The first picture has been taken at the takeoff, over the Chao Phraya that flows through Bangkok to the nearby sea. We can see many boats on the river swimming upstream to reach Bangkok and its harbor.

The next 3 pictures are all views of high mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Landscapes seen from the plane are very beautiful, almost all desertic.

I could hardly see any vegetation, only sometimes some houses and cultivated fields linked by dirt roads and all of this surrounded by very high mountains with eternal snows. Living there is for sure something very rough, probably without electricity or courant water either.

I wish I could visit these remote areas once they’ll be more peaceful!

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