Man VS Wild

I was today in a park named the “Lion’s park” not far away from Johannesburg we reached by car in less than 30 mn. Nature there is not really what we call “Wild“, it’s more like a zoo and you cross the park by car. It’s really interesting to see so many animals gathered in such reserve because they all live together and you can almost touch them: You can feed and touch giraffes, ostriches, baby lions and cheetah! Touching baby lions is by far the most impressive experience!

They’re all under age 4 months but they’re so full of energy and they want to play with you! It’s like a cat but with already big teeth and claws! So, we need to never forget that they remain wild animals that can kill you or hurt you in less than 2 sec!

I love the picture below because it perfectly resumes what I feel when I’m in such a park! There are humans all around but feline remain the king of the fields! Humans stay inside the car whereas lions are free to move outside!

And could it be a better picture than a lion in the foreground and another feline, but a car this time, in the background to show that?

Lions’s park in Johannesburg 

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