A walk in Thonburi district!

When I was in Bangkok, a dear friend accompanied me to visit a district on the other side of the river that crosses the city. This district is called Thonburi and is mainly inhabited by Thai people. We had a great walk there, saw a lot of small relics, shrines and temples all along.

Thanks to my friend I had the opportunity to walk in something typical of true life of Thai people and look on how is their life, not like in the center of Bangkok that is really a very modern capital. There are less tourists in Thonbury than you can meet somewhere else in Bangkok and I enjoyed taking photo of the people living there, of the shops and the everyday life.

I don’t really know what is the place I took in picture there. It looks more like a garage but I’m not sure about this. This police car seems having been abandoned and being disabled. Or may be no. Who knows?

Sometime even the police cars have to take a break
Sometime even the police cars have to take a break

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