Warp drive! – Where local art meets science fiction movies

I’m not really a big fan of Star Trek as I prefer by far “Star Wars“. But there’s one thing I like in Star trek, it’s how the Enterprise travels the space with their Warp Drive! I like the way how the space time is deformed by this “technology” and how the cinema reflects this effect on the screen!

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about Warp Drive here… In 2013 I was back in Morocco in a beautiful Riad in Meknes with a huge courtyard covered by a giant white tent. This tent was very helpful because it was very very hot outside with a bright sun in a sky without any clouds.

Warp drive

And what you see here is a view of this tent from below. I’ve found that this view looks like the warp drive in Star Trek.

Don’t you think so?


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