A romantic smell of perfumed glasses

A quiet moment seeing through these dirty glassesSometime, there’s nothing to say but to feel the atmosphere!

I don’t have a lot to say today about this picture. It’s more something relaxing, quiet with the sun going through the dirty windows to enlighten these 2 old bottles. It’s more a romantic picture, nothing really happening, just something zen as I wish my mind to be today that I want to share with you!

Once again, photography is always about playing lights and shades. The picture wouldn’t be the same without this light ray. The glasses of the windows are really dirty but when I took this picture it changed the whole atmosphere of the scene!

I took this photograph in Johannesburg, in an art fair. There were not really something to shoot because it was really crowded and the place looked more like a big garage. But that’s why it’s important to always have a camera nearby because it’s impossible to predict if there are some nice souvenirs to catch.

And that’s what I did that day and I do like this composition even I’ve nothing to tell about it!

Do you also like this photograph? Do you feel the particular atmosphere in it? I’m very curious to know!





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