Through the Mont Saint-Michel stained glasses

One of the most visited place in France

The Mont Saint Michel is an island commune situated 600m away from the coast. This commune is the seat of a beautiful monastery on the top of this small island which construction started in the 8th century. This place is the third most visited place in France with more than 3 000 000 visitors in one year (to be compared with the 7 millions visitors of the Eiffel Tower in Paris) and this place deserves its fame some much it’s beautiful!

The visit of the monastery is a Must do! It is situated at the top of the island and you have from there a magnificent view over the entire bay and the small islands all around the main one.

The photo below was took through one of the stunning stained glasses of the monastery headed to the bay. I do love the stained glasses there. They’re not full of colors like the ones of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris for example, but made of 2 or 3 colors maximums, from blue to green.

The beautiful island of Mont Saint MichelThese colors perfectly suit to this place. Weather outside is most of the time very cloudy and rainy, the place is most of the time surrounded by the ocean and if not you see sand as far as your eyes can see! The atmosphere that rely on that place is very special!

Summer is not a good time to visit this place because it’s crowded!! But in May or October the place is more quiet and you can take your time to get inspired!

Did you every visit this place? Did you feel this outdated atmosphere?


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