The drakensberg, the perfect place for landscape photography

South Africa, heaven for travel and landscape photographers!

Drakensberg is not only high mountains! It’s also a beautiful plateau with very large cultivated fields offering beautiful panoramas that are a delight to photograph!

Landscapes here are so wide that you can never see the horizon! The nature is luxurious and while the summer is the wet season here, you have a beautiful sunny and rainy weather in the same day, ideal for nature to grow! That’s why the landscapes are so green everywhere, because nature loves this climate!

Landscape photograph of the countryside at the top of the mountains of Lesotho

The picture above has been taken close to the Lesotho border, may be less than that 10 km from the top of the highest mountains that are more than 3 000 m high! But as I told you, while the peaks form a kind of barrier (known as uKhahlamba (“Barrier of up-pointed spears”) in Zulu), the opposite side is a wide and large plateau 1 500 m above the sea level.

I love the landscapes there! It looks like infinite with only luxurious nature everywhere! Really a beautiful place for a photographer!


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