What is happiness? Is owning more make us happier?

Urban girls coming back in their village for holidaysStress, anxiety, impatience, rudeness… cities make us inhuman!

There’s a major contrast between campaign and cities… the people living in campaign smile, almost all the time! They sometime have nothing more than their own clothes, a small house, a field to cultivate and some animals but they don’t need more to be happy!

People from cities are really different... They never get enough and always need more, and more, and more… a new car, a new phone, a new TV, a new suit, new shoes… it never ends and this is what we call “Consumption society”.

While we always want more, we also want them faster! Our world is sick of that because we don’t have time anymore to take time, to plan and to feel this small anxiety due to waiting! Cities make us stressed, intolerant and nervous, it’s a big concern!

This is why I like to be back to the campaign sometime, to feel the time passing and take control of my personal time!

And as if per magic, when urban people are back to their campaign, their mind drastically change, they’re peaceful again, respectful, quiet, open minded… well… I could say that campaign make us just more … human



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