Sounds and colors in a foggy day over Venice

By sunny day or foggy day, Venice is all the time beautiful!

The famous fog of venice! Perfect weather to photograph venice1 full day to visit Venice is definitely not enough so much there are places to visit! But I won’t complain because the weather was beautiful that day and the sun very shiny!

When I left the city the day after, the fog was covering Venice and it was tough to see more than 50m away.

I love when fog covers the town! You don’t see anything and you hear sounds that you never noticed before! Everything is different and it’s almost like visiting a new city! Furthermore, the fog reduces contrasts and make colors disappearing!

It’s like being in an old Black and White Italian movie!



  1. What a photo! The bird in the right top corner adds some tension in a tens foggy scene. Great work!

    And you’re right.. Those foggy days are great (for photography)!

    Happy Monday and kind regards,

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