A sunday photography outing in the streets of Johannesburg!

I went this morning to a photo outing with some good friends of mine here in the streets of NewTown, at Johannesburg. This place has been recently rehabilitated and is now a very pleasant place with a new mall et new buildings.

A festival fair was occurring today so the place was very busy with many people attending a kind of city marathon and many other activities. The sky was perfectly blue and temperature just perfect to walk, not too hot, not too cold!

Taking pictures couldn’t have been more pleasant!

I was told that this place was not really safe 1 year ago, but all the area around lifted up, the police is around to watch and you can safely walk now. People are very kind and you can talk with everyone!

Definitely a place to go!

As most of the time, I used my Ricoh GR, the best street photography camera ever! I love it and the more I use it… I love it more…


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