Cattle work in Camargue

The french cowboys are the best!

I remember this beautiful May 2014 when I spent several days in Camargue among the French cowboys doing cattle work. Those days were very hot and sunny, numerous mosquito all around trying to get some of my blood. Camargue is a land of cattle since ever and men all grow up on horses. But younger now want to live and grow up in town, they don’t ride horse anymore and refuse to help their fathers to do cattle work.

Most of the cowboys are now retired men who like so spend their free time to help their friends to run their ranch while young people prefer to party and get drunk…It’s really a pity to know that the future of these ranchs are now uncertain and that the summer games traditions may disappear in the following years as well as the cattle work.

French cowboy in Camargue during cattle work
Brin de fraicheur


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