Architecture and photography, a bridge for open minded people

Are you open mind enough to be a street photographer?

Being a street photographer is a wonderful way to dare to travel and meet people, to move out our selfish comfort and to try to understand how people live, how they see us and what they think about this crazy and sick world that turns only around money. And the camera is this link, a bridge that connects people and opens the minds.

The architecture is quite the same. More than half of the people in our world live in a city, in huge and inhuman buildings and towers. Most of the time, people belong to a place, a district, where they stay all their life without trying to cross the street because it belongs to another gang for example.

The architects always try to imagine new way of living, how to breach the rules and the borders of our limited minds and to enhance the “live together”. The footbridge on this photo makes me think like a dream of an architect who probably try to find a way to push people to discover their own city and force them to leave their zone for a new one.

I love architecture, in another life I’ll be an architect, for sure!

Architecture as a link


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