Back from Namibia, the last Eden!

A dream for landscape and nature photographers

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since my last post on my blog. I was in Namibia for 3 weeks for a journey all around the country with a 4×4 and by camping in beautiful camp-sites! I drove more than 4500km in 22 days including 3500 dirty tracks!

4x4 journey all around Namibia, the dream for all photographers

This country is definitely amazing and stunning. It’s wild, no pollution be they gaz, sounds, lights or people. The few people we meet are all very kind and gentle and there’s always someone to help you if you are in help.

I took more than 1400 pictures in 3 weeks and I definitely need some weeks to cope with them. But I’ll post here some of my best shots in the following weeks! Stay connected!


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