The new Pure Photography logo is born!

And soon the new visual identity!

I started a design contest 2 weeks ago on 99design to choose a new logo for my website and social networks (Facebook, Twitter). Many designers chose to compete and I received many good designs. But I had to choose one at the end and thanks to the poll I put on this website you helped me a lot to choose the winner!

And now, here it is! It’s a very simple and neat logo as I like them and I’m very glad that I didn’t really expect so much quality in a design competition. The winner is named Sadiq and lives in Pakistan. He sent many different designs and I felt he wanted to win this contest!

I’m thrilled today to show you this logo! I must now update the design of this website so as to reflect this new visual identify. But as I’m very busy with all my upcoming exhibitions I’ll do this probably by the end of September! So stay tuned and tell me if you like this logo! Did I do the good choice?

Tell me in the comments just below!

The Pure photography logo


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