Winter is coming, it’s time to promote the colours!

Fall is now covering all Europe and the sky begins to be cloudy and foggy.

It’s now time to add some colours to the pictures just to remember how beautiful life can be! A colourful photography reminds us the beautiful colours we can see during spring and summer, when the sun is high in the sky and that the animals adorn themselves with their most beautiful colours!

Street art graffiti in the country side of Paris

I do like to photograph graffiti when I travel because this street art is a part of the spirit of a place, a city or a country and I’ve seen really beautiful graffiti in every single country I’ve been!

I really like the one I show you today because it’s a mix between the Japanese culture and the vibe we can feel in France and more particularly in and around Paris!

And you, do know some places with beautiful graffiti?


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