Wild and beautiful Africa! I miss you Namibia

This photo was taken last August just some kilometres before arriving at the Epupa falls at the border with Angola. A bush airport is located here and you can rent a taxi plane to reach the capital Windhoek or to fly over the countryside. The landscapes here are really beautiful, far from every human settlements or cities with only 2 smalls Himba villages nearby.

The Himba are indigenous peoples with an estimated population of about 50,000 people living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene region and on the other side of the Kunene River in Angola.

The Himba are a semi-nomadic, pastoral people, culturally distinguishable from the Herero people in northern Namibia and southern Angola, and speak OtjiHimba (a Herero language dialect), which belongs to the language family of the Bantu. The Himba are considered the last (semi-) nomadic people of Namibia.

You can see a windsock on the left side of the picture which is designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. As you can see the windsock is completely flat and that’s why the dust remains over the trees and don’t disappear.

A perfect place for a beautiful sunset over the mountains!

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