Magnum Photography Awards 2016

There is one thing really important in the life of a photographer: an external review and point of view of a portfolio. This is essential because it is a good help to provide advices and improve in the making of my photograph and their processing.

I attended this year a major competition, the “Magnum Photography Awards 2016“, organized by the famous LensCulture community. I had then the opportunity to submit a portfolio of 6 pictures to their submission review and I just received their comments today. Let me share this with you and tell me if you agree.

The first picture is named “Just a moment” and I took it during 2014 Christmas in Pontseng, a remote village deep inside the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa, at the border with Lesotho. A beautiful week I already shared with you here.

South Africa photograph sotho tribe drakensberg mountain christmas documentary



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