4th GPU Festival – Welcome to Creta!

As you already know, I’m a member of the GPU, one of the 3 biggest photo organisation in the world with the FIAP and the PSA federations. GPU organizes a great photo festival every 2 years and invites all the members to join for a week somewhere in the world.

This year the festival took place in Creta (Greece) for a 5 days cruise in the Greek islands and 3 days to visit Creta, a beautiful island where Minoan civilization appeared 5 000 years ago. More than 150 members from China, India, UAE, USA, Saudi, Greece, France, Italy, Singapore… gathered there in one purpose: meet and share with other photographers and take pictures of this beautiful country.

I want to thank here all the GPU team who organized such a amazing event, everything was perfect and I really enjoyed my time with you!

Miss you so much my friends, see you soon! 

Amazing Heraklion

View from creta Heraklion

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