DUNES – My new set of pictures

A new set of pictures for competitions

Amazing trip in Namibia!

As you may know, Namibia is a marvelous country located north-west of South Africa. This country is 1.5 size of France and is mainly a desertic country with the Namib desert  considered to be the oldest desert in the world.

We all have in mind the giant dunes that fall in the atlantic ocean or the red dunes of Sossusvlei that are more than 400m high!

I made a trip there in summer 2015 and took more than 1 000 photos I almost never used before, or only few you can see on this website.

That’s why I decided lately to take a new look in my archives so as to add a new body of work on the theme of the desert and the sand dunes.

You can see above the first result of this work with 5 pictures I shot at Sandwich Harbor, the place the dunes fall into the ocean. I tried to emphasize the lights and clouds reflecting on the sand and that create all those shades.

Hope you like them!

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