German International DVF Photocup 2018 results

A new award in a major photo competition

New award in a major competition

More than 15 000 images judged from more than 1 300 photographers from all over the world…. Those amazing figures are those of the German International DVF Photocup 2018!

That’s why I’m thrilled to receive one new Honorable Mention with “Marchand de sable”, the picture I took 2 years ago early in the morning at San Marco bridge.

GERMAN INTERNATIONAL DVF photocup 2018 Honorable mention marchand de sable
Marchand de sable

I also received 9 new acceptances in the Color, Monochrome, Nature et Travel categories with Dysturb, Medina Kids, Namibia Dune 3, Black slope and Blue mosque, 5 pictures used to be awarded or distinguished.

German International DVF photocup 2018 results

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All those pictures will be very soon exclusively available on my online store.

New awards to come soon…

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