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My name is Guilhem Ribart, I’m a french photographer and I intend to show you something different, free from all Photoshop artefacts and effects. That’s why I called this blog “Pure Photography“.

I like to work with fixed and old / manual lenses because they’re way more better than the new plastic ones.

I’m a Pentax / Ricoh user and I currently own a Pentax K3 DSLR and a Ricoh GR. I also own more than 17 lenses, some of them manufactured in the 60’s and I can say that they’re much more enjoyable to use than most of new lenses.

I learnt photography by my own, by reading, practicing and talking / sharing with people. I’m very thankful to Simon Wheatley I met in Oujda in 2009 and who intensively taught me about the philosophy of photography and the way to work with light.

I think I became a photographer the moment he taught me and make me understand that photography is everything but technical or size of the gear. That’s the main difference between as being a photographer as he is and the geek who thinks to be a photographer.Full-page article about my exhibition at VISA Off exhibition at Perpignan in 2014

And this is all the difference of being part of Magnum Agency as he was and to be a casual wedding professional photographer….

I like to meet people, talk and live among them to understand how they live. I think that in our “occidental” countries we always want other people to be and live like us, that happiness is to eat burgers, watch American movies and go to big malls… For me, all of this is NOT real life and this is not happiness!

I’m travelling a lot outside Europe and I’m always amazed to see that people in “poor” countries are much more smiling than we are in Occident.

They sometime own nothing at all but they always welcome you to drink some tea, share their meals and let you sleep in their room! I don’t know any “rich” countries where people can do the same!

I’m convinced that meeting other people, other cultures and sharing thoughts is the true richness because this is the inner wealth!

That’s why I want to travel and like to get back all these smiles with me to show you something different of what you watch at your TV!

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Guilhem Ribart


  • 2015
    • PCA Exhibition Adriatic
    • PCA Balkan Dream
    • Barain / Saudi Arabia – Middle East Grand Circuit
    • Greece – 3th Greek Circuit
    • PCA Salon Grand Exhibition
  • 2014
    • Australia – Sydney Harbour International
    • China – 5th PSA China
    • Egypt – EIP Awards
    • France – 9th Digital Tour 2014
    • Greece – 2nd Greek Photos Circuit
    • Greece – 2nd Olympic Photo Circuit
    • Holland – Holland International Image Circuit
    • Macedonia – Soul 2014
    • Serbia – Adriatic Exhibition 2014
    • Serbia – Belgrade International Salon 2014
    • Serbia – 2nd Exhibition of Photography Portrait
    • Turkey – MOF 2013 International Photography Exhibition
  • 2013
    • Egypt – International Biennale for Photographic Art
    • Greece – Olympic Photo Circuit
    • Belgium – ISO 2013
    • Macedonia – International exhibition of art photography MOMENT


  • 2015
    • International Modern Art Award for Conceptual Elements  |  PAKS Gallery
    • Photo Annual Awards / Czech Republic
      • First place in Nature section  |  Curated by Tomas Pospiszyl, Jiri Jaskmanicky, Radek Burda
  • 2014
    • Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA 2014)  / Russia  |  Presided by Hossein Farmani


  • 2017
    • Bog Art Gallery – Brussels / Belgium
    • Exhibition Circuit – Beijing – Shangai / China
    • 3rd Salon d’Art du Printemps – Aulnay sous Bois / France
  • 2016
    • Artitude Gallery – Paris / France |  Curated by JP Lorriaux
    • International Fine Art Cannes Biennial
    • MAG Montreux – Montreux / Suisse
    • Salon Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre – Paris / France
    • Spring Art fair – Chinese Center – Aulnay / France
    • Art Visual GEPETTO gallery – Cannes / France
    • Modern Art Masters – Hubertendorf Castle / Austria
    • Concept Store Gallery – Paris / France
  • 2015
    • Anne Broitman Gallery – Biarritz / France
    • SPECTRUM Miami – Miami / USA
    • SCOPE Art Beach – Miami / USA
    • Montreux Art Gallery – Montreux / Switzerland
    • Contemporary Art Salon PAKS Gallery – Hubertendorf Castle / Austria
    • Saphira & Ventura Gallery – New York / USA |  Curated by JP Lorriaux
    • MAMAG Modern Art Museum – Castle Hubertendorf / Austria |  Curated by Heinz Playner
    • Photo Annual Awards – Teplice / Czech Republic
    • 5th Annual Exposure Award – Louvre Museum, Paris / France
    • Salon Art Shopping – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris / France
    • Cow Artworks – Johannesburg / South Africa  |  Curated by Doreen Pfeiffer
    • Gallerie F/5.6 – Munich / Germany  |  Curated by Katrin Weber
    • PAKS Gallery – Castle Hubertendorf / Austria  |  Curated by Heinz Playner
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2011
    • La Grande Motte / France
    • International Art Festival – Meknes / Morocco
  • 2009
    • International Photography Festival – Oujda / Morocco








    • Thank you Kathie for stopping by here and writing this kind word! Very appreciated!
      I love your artworks too and I’m glad to follow you as well!

  1. Hello Guilhem, lovely blog you have here, such wonderful pictures you take. Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable.

    I find myself constantly in need of compelling pictures to convey the message the poems, stories & essays on my blog. It would be mightily kind of you to let be ‘lift’ some of yours occasionally. Credited to you naturally.

    Great work. Be safe.

  2. Wow! Your photography is outstanding. I love the fact that you use older cameras — letting the technique stand out rather than artificial filters, etc. Thanks for following our blog, Oh, the Places We See. We traveled to Lesotho and South Africa this past August — so many picture possibilities in those countries. Looking forward to seeing more of what you captured there.

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