Street photography

Kids of Pontseng

Wherever the place you are in the world, kids like to play whether in the streets or in parks. Pontseng is like a giant park because there’s no road, almost no cars and kids can play everywhere without danger as everyone know everyone. [...]

22 May 2016

Yet another rainy day in Key West

Climate change is here and it’s really serious! Who on earth can decently deny the climate changes to something we can’t imagine nor control yet? Climate change is soon in our daily life and in a close future people shall have to migrate [...]

9 December 2015

Yet another washing station in Bangkok

Driving a car in Bangkok is a nightmare! Streets are most of the time blocked by huge and endless traffic jams and you can be stuck hours to drive only 1 or 2 kilometers. That’s probably why there are so many scooters and motorcycles driving [...]

7 January 2015