Street photography

Fun and art over the roofs!

There’s one place in Johannesburg where you can have fun and see art at the same time! This place is really awesome because it’s a very mixed area where you can meet people from every origin and continent, having fun all together on a [...]

10 October 2014

Silent contemplation

There is one fenced site in Perpignan close to the train station that is a former bus depot now abandoned. I don’t exactly what the man we see was doing there but he stayed almost 5mn, in the middle of the road, staring at this site and paying [...]

9 October 2014

Summer time in Paris

It was a lovely day in september. Sun was high in the sky and people had leisure time over the lawns of the beautiful park of St Germain en Laye. This city is by far the most beautiful place nearby Paris, headed west. It’s situated over a [...]

7 October 2014

A walk in Thonburi district!

When I was in Bangkok, a dear friend accompanied me to visit a district on the other side of the river that crosses the city. This district is called Thonburi and is mainly inhabited by Thai people. We had a great walk there, saw a lot of small [...]

29 September 2014

Summertime fun fairs!

Every summer in St Germain en Laye, nearby Paris, takes place a big and colored fun fair in the middle of a big forest. There are a lot of rides, carrousels, treadmills for kids who mostly have great time there! That’s really a lovely place [...]

22 September 2014