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About me

My name is Guilhem Ribart
I’m a photographer.

Welcome into my pure photography world. Let me show you something different, free from all Photoshop artefacts and effects, a Pure Photography experience!

I love to travel, meeting new people and to be taught about new culture and way of living. I like to go beyond my limits and my habits, beyond what we’re told through the narrow vision of the TV.

I was 30 when I discovered photography. At that time, I wasn’t keen to travel like another tourist. I wanted a deeper and truer experience, more human. Something was missing to brought me out…

Then I bought my first camera in 2006 as an excuse to travel, and this changed my life! I started to shoot buildings because I’m in love with architecture and it was a good training to learn how to use my camera. Then I experimented nature and landscapes photography and I finally fall in love with the desertic landscapes during my travels in Tunisia and Namibia.

Finally I came to shoot street photography when I met Simon Wheatley, the former magnum photographer, in Oudja in 2009. Since then I traveled mostly in Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Namibia, DRC, Zambia, Botswana), but also in UAE, Thailand, USA, Cuba and Europe.

Awards and distinctions

My pictures received more than 180 distinctions around the world in official and international photo competitions, won the Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) in 2014, the 5th Photo Annual Awards 2015, the London International Creative competition (LICC) in 2017 and was given an “International Modern Art Award” for Conceptual Elements in 2015.

You can now buy all my artworks online. All artworks available in limited editions (30 all sizes), authenticated and signed, with a 50 years garantee.

Awards & Distinctions


Winner at London International Creative Competition 2017
Winner at 5th Photo Annual Awards 2015
Winner at Moscow International Foto Awards 2014
“International Modern Art”​ Award​ for Conceptual Elements 2015


More than 40 exhibitions since 2011 in the most prestigious Art cities:

Paris | New York | London | Vienne | Munich | Miami | Beijing | Johannesburg | Cairo | Brussels | Moscow | Montreux | Shangai | Baku

And also :

VISA Off  Perpignan | MAMAG Museum | Meknes | Oujda | Teplice | Biarritz | Cannes | Aulnay | La Grande Motte


More than 180 distinctions in international and official photo competitions:

Australia | Barain | Belgium | China | Czech Republic | Egypt | France | Greece | Holland | Macedonia Montenegro | Saudi | Serbia | Turkey | UK | UAE | USA


My work referenced or published i:

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