My collections

I divided my work in 3 collections, the PLATINUM, the GOLD and the ACCESS collections, from the award wining artworks to the photographs I didn’t send to competitions yet.

Distinguished picture at the N.E.W. BI-CONTINENTAL PHOTO CIRCUIT

The PLATINUM collection consists of all my award winning artworks, distinguished in official international photo compétitions under the patronage of the greatest world photo organisations PSA / FIAP / GPU

These photographs are solid values recognized by the greatest international judges.

Ideal for established Art Collectors, from 1 000€

Amazing Heraklion

The GOLD collection is composed of exhibited artworks that received a warm welcome from critics and audience. All these photographs have the potential to be shown and distinguished in international competitions.

Therefore thay are likely to complete the PLATINUM assortment soon or later.

Ideal to start an Art Collection, from 750€

Beautiful photo of the village of Bolquere in the french pyrenees mountains

The ACCESS collection consists of artworks which have not been exhibited yet either in competitions or in exhibitions. Most of the time they are recent photographs the potential of which has not yet been exploited.

When a photograph from the ACCESS assortment meets recognition, it is very likely to end up being displayed in exhibitions and competitions and therefore become GOLD or PLATINUM.

An ideal value bet, from 500€

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