LensCulture reviewer feedback of my work

I just get this awesome feedback by a LensCulture reviewer of my series “African Portraits” in the beginning. “Lensculture is a photography network and online magazine about contemporary photography in art, media, politics, [...]

26 May 2016

Kids of Pontseng

Wherever the place you are in the world, kids like to play whether in the streets or in parks. Pontseng is like a giant park because there’s no road, almost no cars and kids can play everywhere without danger as everyone know everyone. [...]

22 May 2016

To infinity and beyond!

Rainy day for a mourning event Some days, the sky can be very cloudy and rainy in the Drakensberg mountains! We were supposed to be in summer but when the sun is hidden by the clouds, temperatures are low and we feel more like being in fall with [...]

24 January 2015

Just for a moment…

I love photography when image doesn’t need to be explained! I always remain speechless when I look this picture and this girl! Her look is so powerful, so bright, only lit by the sun through the windows… I took this picture during a [...]

9 January 2015